1989 DPRK Disco -- 13th World Festival of Youth and Students

In July 1989, Participants from around the Socialist and Non-Aligned world gather in Pyongyang for the 13th Festival of Youth and Students in Pyongyang.

The newly built residential district on Kwangbok Street is used to house festival-goers. Not content with martial music and Marxist dialectics, a sweaty socialist disco erupts and -- from the looks of it -- a good time is had by all.

Don't Miss:

00:00 Madonna's Like a Prayer on Kwangbok Street
01:00 Czech (?) Dancefloor Pop Hits
01:30 DJ Booth
01:50 African Festival Participants
02:29 Hot Lighted DJ Booth
02:32 Soviet DJ spinning Theme from S'Express
02:45 DPRK National Anthem Steeldrums
03:40 Nightview of Pyongyang

Found on Youtube, all copyrights and thanks to shakypam on Youtube