The Retro DPRK Project

The Retro DPRK Project is a collection of retro images and tourist artifacts from North Korea, illuminating the period from 1945 until the fall of the Soviet Union when the DPRK was almost entirely closed to Westerner visitors.   Artifacts from this period are mostly lost to history.

1980s Tourist Brochures -- Pyongyang Metro

1973 Postcard Set -- Pyongyang Military Circus

1980 Postcard Set -- Hamhung Hungnam and Majon Beach

1976 Postcard Set -- Song of Mount Kumgang Revolutionary Opera

1991 Tourist Guide -- A Sightseeing Guide to Korea

1978 Postcard Set -- Taesongsan Funfair / Le Secteur aux attractions Mont Daiseung

1963 DPRK North Korea International Women's Day Poster

1981 Tourism Brochure -- Changgwang-won Health Complex

1982 Tourist Brochure -- Pyongyang Indoor Skating Rink

1987 Ryugyong Hotel Under Construction

1976 Postcard Set -- Song of Mount Kumgang Revolutionary Opera

Retro DPRK -- Then and Now

1988 Tourist Brochure -- Hamhung and South Hamgyong Province

1983 Tourism Brochure -- Songdowon

1995 Tourist Brochure -- Yanggakdo Hotel Pyongyang

1976 Postcard Set -- Pyongyang People's House of Culture

1984 Postcard Set -- Nampo City

1989 DPRK Disco -- 13th World Festival of Youth and Students

1989 Postcard Set -- New Buildings in Pyongyang

1975 Postcard Set -- The Flower Girl Revolutionary Opera

1975 Tourist Phrasebook -- Guide parlé Coréen-Français

1977 Postcard Set -- Pyongyang Metro / Untergrundbahn von Pjongjang

1977 Kwangmyong Metro Station -- Pyongyang's Ghost Station

1989 Postcard Set -- The 13th World Festival of Youth and Students

1990 Postcard Set -- Pyongyang

1995 Mansudae Grand Monument from Behind

1995 Tour Guide -- Pyongyang aperçu général

1988 Postcard Set -- Pays de l'etude

1960s Postcard Set -- The Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum

1990s Postcard Set -- April Spring Friendship Art Festival

1990 Postcard Set -- Pyongyang

1987 Postcard Set -- The West Sea Barrage

1978 Postcard Set -- "Song of Paradise" Revolutionary Music and Dance Tale

1980s Postcard -- Taesongsan Waterpark Pyongyang

1980s Postcard -- Pyongyang Zoo

1980s Postcard -- No. One Department Store Pyongyang

1960s Postcard -- Chollima Statue Pyongyang

1990 Postcard Set -- Panmunjom and the DMZ

1978 Postcard Set -- Mansudae Arts Troupe

1990s Souvenir -- April Spring Friendship Art Festival Silk Scarf

1976 Postcard Set -- Pyongyang Gymnasium

1985 Tourist Brochure -- Chongjin City

1980s Tourist Brochure -- Wonsan City

1989 Tourist Brochure -- Songdowon International Children's Camp